DUBS Party Pack



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How to wear

Your DUBS will look and sound best when worn correctly. See photos to the right for proper orientation.

  • Clarity of Sound Ear Plugs

    Clarity of Sound

    Our advanced tech earplugs use dynamic attenuation to reduce the overall volume while preserving sound fidelity.

  • Protection Ear Plugs


    A 12dB Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) creates a safe and pleasant auditory experience; protecting your ears without muffling the sound.

  • Design-Forward Ear Plugs


    The DUBS utilize a minimalist form factor and sleek design that fits flush to the ear.

  • Advanced Tech Ear Plugs

    Advanced Tech

    The DUBS compact size masks the complexity of its 17 individual parts, utilizing premium materials like stainless steel, ABS, polymer foams and silicone.

  • One Size Ear Plugs Ear Plugs

    One Size

    Designed to fit most adults ages 16 and up.

  • Select Your Style Ear Plugs

    Select Your Style

    Available in four colors: Teal, Blue, Pink and White.

Dubs Ear Plugs Dubs Ear Plugs